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WinCC . Wonderware. Extend your existing SCADA system to interface with .NET, Web, iOS, and Android applications.Log data in an open format to SQL Server , Oracle, Access , mySQL, MongoDB, and SQL Azure. Share data with Azure IoT Data Hub, Amazon Web Services, and MQTT Brokers..
Sep 02, 2009 · we are using Win-cc V7.0 . in this we want create our own database which contains the data of plc and entries. Which we want to store and retrive based on the requirement. And report generation also. Anybody use same type is yes pls let us know how to create the database file in existing wicc sql database. K.
December 2014 WinCC OA. vogler. The sdb.ctl is a client library which can be used to access relational databases from the WinCC OA client without the need to install any database client software at the client. The connection to the relational database is handled by the WinCC OA server. The client communicates with the WinCC OA server only by ...
Logs in Windows Event Log. NXLog can be configured to process Windows Event Logs produced by SIMATIC WinCC, as shown in the examples below. Example 1. Processing WinCC logs based on the Event ID values. This example contains NXLog configuration for reading and processing Windows Event logs generated by WinCC.